Monday, June 7, 2010


Late last July, after I flew back to the States, Mike went to a Sharon Shannon show ­– part of a festival down on the coast in Co.Wexford. When he phoned the next day, I heard very little about the performance, but all about an injured stray kitten he found in the car park during the concert. He’d have brought it home if we didn’t live such a transient life, but we do, and there’s no point taking in animals that you won’t be there to take care of. After a bit of asking around, he was directed across the street to Mona’s house– the unofficial sanctuary for homeless cats in Carrig-on-Bannow.

(July 27, 2009) ^

So little “Mikeen” found a new home. The injury turned out to be just some sort of sprain or strain, and he recovered quickly. Mona sent us pictures of the little guy and kept in touch. The months have passed and he’s now a grown-up respectable cat. Which is not really much different, is it?

(March, 2010):

Now we’re back in Ireland, we went for a visit. Mikeen was shy, and wouldn’t come see us (Mona got him in the house for about 2 seconds by bringing his food dish into the kitchen), but we did get introduced to kittens from two different litters that she’s pretty sure he’s responsible for.

Mona calls these our grandchildren. Hmm...

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