Friday, April 6, 2012

Here we are - Inistioge, Spring 2012

Here's Mike, up a ladder. Again. I think he was painting the ceiling. Or fitting the extractor fan. Or rigging the ducting to the vent he installed in the roof. Or... I don't know. He's been up a lot of ladders this Spring.

Here's the beautiful little fireplace in the bathroom. The plan is to have it as a working open fire, but for now it's a good place for candles.

Here's the bedroom, with the vinyl flooring for the bathroom still stored in it. There was still some work to be done before that could go on the floor.

 Here's Tania at a session at Delaney's,

with Sheila on the tinwhistle. And John, the landlord, at the piano. And Mike's guitar, taking a short break between tunes.

Here's Mike after a few weeks of burning candles at both ends.

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