Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another Unalaska

We post a disproportionate number of entries from Unalaska/Dutch Harbor; it may look like we get here more often than we really do. It's such an interesting place, and one that so few get out to visit, that we like to share it.
Deep blue lake and grassy mountain
Most of our previous trips to the Aleutian Islands have been in snowy
weather, so we've been looking forward to this September trip.
airplane propeller above clouds
Coming in to King Salmon
for refueling.
windswept Mike in the sun
It's wet and windy now, but
our first few days were
warm and bright.
pink salmon, spawning and dying
Spawning time. Interesting wading across (no hiking boots meant
a barefoot crossing), looking for rocks to step on that didn't have
dead salmon snagged on them.

branch full of blueberries
Cousin Mary made sure we took advantage of the good weather while
it lasted by guiding us out to hill walks, sweeping vistas, and berries!
Mike and Mary picking berries

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